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The Wiesler Family Foundation was founded by and is dedicated to the life of Mordechai Wiesler.

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Mordechai Wiesler was born in Poland in August, 1930. His family then moved to Palestine in the mid 1930’s where he lived with his family throughout his formative years in Haifa, serving in the Israeli military during the foundation of the country and the Independence War in 1946-48.


He then attended the Technion University studying mechanical engineering. He found employment in America, working for different companies in Massachusetts, ultimately founding Precision Robots Inc, which became a multi-national company involved in the automation of the semiconductor fabrication industry.


He was philanthropic throughout his life and is survived by his three sons who are fortunate to inherit and further his legacy and are involved in implementing his wishes for contributing to the  future of health care, medical research, promotion of the state of Israel and bettering the world and environment.

The Wiesler Family Foundation Seeks to Promote:

The State of Israel and the promotion of its performing and visual arts, science, medicine, culture, defense and relations with its neighbors and the world.

❧Medical research of all types and varieties.

❧Visual and performing arts of all types and varieties, sponsored by organizations resident in the United States.

❧Jewish causes.

❧Environmental causes.

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